The Sophistication of The Current Watch Winder

The Sophistication of The Current Watch Winder

Every kind of device, luxurious or not has to advance over time. Even though the nature of the Automatic watch movement itself can be found in the 20th century, we can’t deny it was the best craftmanship that indeed lasts a very long time. As a way to maintain the watch, Watch winder present to the market. The basic things we will find in a watch winder are a padded watch holder that moved by motor to rotate your watch.

And after hundreds of years, what is the watch winder improvement can bring to your prestigious watch collections?


Carbon Fiber finish, multiple layers of polished piano lacquer, high quality faux black leather is some of the best materials for your watch winder. Topped with velvet or Silk linen for the interior, expect to have the most luxurious haven for your watches.


Some current watch winder comes with multiple pre-programmed rotation modes that accommodate most automatic watch’s rotation requirement. There are clockwise, counter-clockwise or bi-directional modes. These winders are called rotating watch box.

To operate your watch winder, some of it comes with analog controls that use a switch and another watch winder uses a digital control panel that can be programmed. It can be set to uniform motion or set individually to meets your automatic watch needs


Nowadays everything locked can be open with fingerprint including watch winder. Even though the security key is more than enough to protect your watch, there is no harm to up your security around your Rolex.

If you can afford to have Rolex, you must give it the best treatment even when you don’t use it. And if you don’t mind splurging some penny, you’ll find many additions in watch winder  will treat your automatic watch with a great care, keep it safe and raise your collection prestige. 

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