3 facts about universities life in Germany that you never know

3 facts about universities life in Germany that you never know

Do you know that most of the universities in Germany are founded by the benevolent monarch in the middle Ages? These universities are granted an immense amount of autonomy and basically, it performs as mini-state within the state. Hence, the German university has always special standing in the society of Germany. In the Mid-Ages universities, there are autonomous means as they had their own law, dress code, regulation, and rules, and sometimes they even have their own incarceration. Here are 3 facts on universities in Germany life that stick out from the rest of the world and set apart German from many other countries of think and life.

  1. Students in German University are old. In many cases, Germany who graduates from secondary school is already 18 years or older. This because Germans start school when they are 6.Until a few years ago, the male students also liable to compulsory to the military services. This means another 9 months delay to the whole year because the services usually ended in the middle of semesters that means the students do not have opportunity to let off 2 full semesters before enrolled the full semester. In last, German student graduate in between 27-33 old no means without any exception.
  2. There is no dorm life at a German university. When you go to more east in Europe or more west into Anglophone countries than more dorm life as an integral part of university you will find. However, not so with Germany. Most of the students in Germany University never have and never live in the dorm. Actually, dormitories are cheap accommodation to proximity to the university, but it is very rare in Germany. Therefore, finding dormitory for students in the university is rare and can be a long waiting list. Most of the German students live with their own, in the shared apartments or live with their parents. As a matter of fact, the dormitories in German are mostly inhabited by exchange students that come abroad from all over the world.
  3. University life in Germany can be dull things but is anything.  If the “old” student and military service seem socializing and stressful, but in Germany is not. Germany students enjoy it and live in a dormitory is a fun factor for the student. But even if you do not live in a dormitory, the German student has millions of ways to have a good time when they study in universities.  

The brief inside can help you to have a vivid insight to know university life in Germany.

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