How to Write University Application Letter for Master’s

How to Write University Application Letter for Master’s

Some universities ask for a series of documents like transcripts of records, CV, certificates, and even how to write university application letter or cover letter. A motivation letter is extremely important because it can be a tool to determine and define the intention and personality of an applicant. Also, a motivation letter reflects the intention and commitment of applicants. This is why you need to write it carefully and consistently.


Generally, how to write university application letter should be started with a strong ground. The main ideas and important points should be stated clearly in your letter. In summary, there are four points you should fulfill.

A university application letter should contain clear goals. You can make a short preview of the whole document. You also must state why you want to enroll in the university and how your skill and experiences are relevant to the program. It is also important to focus on your strength, experiences, and qualities. Of course, you can always refer to your CV for more detail information. As the conclusion, you can restate your appreciation and interest along with your commitment once you get the chance to prove yourself.

Personal and original

This letter would be used by the recruiter to measure whether or not you are qualified to be one of the candidates. Make sure you let the readers get an insight about you. Since it is a personal document, you need to write it on your own. You can always get examples from other letters but copying the content would not be something you can do. Stay objective and realistic as possible is what you need.

Professional and consistent

No matter what university and program you are applying for, it is important to how to write university application letter looks structured and organized. It can be started by managing your paragraphs, font size, the length of your letter, and so on. The first impression still counts for sure.

A professional formatted motivation letter is highly recommended. Make sure your grammar is on point and you can even ask someone to read-proof your letter. At some point, you can ask your friends about the details in case there is something missing.


Asking for advice from friends and tutors would be a good idea especially if they have gone through the same letter as well. Make sure you have a personal touch in this letter, considering this will reflect your personality and be one of the strong points before you are accepted into the university. That is how to write university application letter.

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